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I'm Almost Always Eventually Right

30 September
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Obsessions About Me

What I love: Pirates of the Caribbean, House M.D., Harry Potter, Johnny Depp, Kiera Knightley, acting, running, castles, acting, running, science, medical, friends, being right, computers, photoshop, clouds, snow, Calgary, London phone booths, huge tennis balls, Hugh Laurie, random things, Mini Cooper, owls, quills, Jack Sparrow, Gregory House, cats, penguins, Takahashi Ai, Japanese, croissants, fruit, Dream chocolate, greys anatomy, Fred and George Weasley, PoTC soundtrack, Lord of the Rings, nephrology, pearls, rabbits, tigers, islands, boats, umbrellas, rain, livejournal, the internet, macintosh, converse, red, crowns, paintings, photography, tulips, DVD's, hans zimmer, christmas lights, crabs, all things sea related I suppose, talking.
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About Me: My name is Alexandra. But no one calls me that. Most people call me by my last name, Almond, House Junior, Sparrow, or Alex. I am 15 years old (soon to be 16) and I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am a stubborn person who is slightly spazy. :P I am infatuated with science, particularly the human body, genetics, abd diseases.I am hoping to become a doctor, so I am spending alot of time studying. House M.D. is my favourite fandom! And I am in love with Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny Depp. Making icons gets me through the boring days, but I love doing it. I'm addicted to my computer. I know, that's horrible, what can I say...I run cross-country during the fall to keep me busy. (However boring that sport is.) Whenever I go somewhere, I love taking pictures of random stock, take them back home and colour them. It is a hobby I suppose. :D

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